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Alternative Spellings St. John's College Choir
Creation 1670
City Cambridge, United Kingdom
Country United Kingdom

The Choir of St John's College, Cambridge is considered to be one of the finest collegiate choirs in the world. It is part of the English cathedral tradition, having been founded to sing the daily liturgy in the College Chapel, though it is set apart from other English choirs of this tradition by the frequent inclusion of Continental works in its repertoire and its emphasis on polyphonic interpretations. Alongside the choir of King's College, Cambridge, it is one of the two most famous collegiate choirs in Cambridge, having had over 90 recordings published.

The early records of the choirs are obscure, but it is known that its origins can be traced to the original foundation of the College in 1511. The present arrangement of the choir began in 1670.

The Choir consists of fifteen Choral Scholars and twenty Choristers and Probationers, all of whom are members of St John's College, many of whom have proceeded to become distinguished musicians. Wikipedia