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Alternative Spellings RSNO
Creation 1891
Participants George Henschel - Conductor from 1893 to 1895
Willem Kes - Conductor from 1895 to 1898
Wilhelm Bruch - Conductor from 1898 to 1900
Frederic H. Cowen - Conductor from 1900 to 1910
Emil Młynarski - Conductor from 1910 to 1916
Landon Ronald (Landon Ronald Russell) - Conductor from 1919 to 1923
Václav Talich - Conductor from 1926 to 1927
Vladimir Golschmann - Conductor from 1928 to 1930
John Barbirolli (Giovanni Battista Barbirolli) - Conductor from 1933 to 1936
George Szell - Conductor from 1937 to 1939
Warwick Braithwaite - Conductor from 1940 to 1946
Walter Susskind - Conductor from 1946 to 1952
Karl Rankl - Conductor from 1952 to 1957
Hans Swarowsky - Conductor from 1957 to 1959
Alexander Gibson - Conductor from 1959 to 1984
Neeme Järvi - Conductor from 1984 to 1988
Bryden Thomson - Conductor from 1988 to 1990
Walter Weller - Conductor from 1992 to 1997
Alexander Lazarev - Conductor from 1997 to 2005
Stéphane Denève - Conductor from 2005 to 2012
Peter Oundjian - Conductor from 2012 to 2018
Thomas Søndergård - Conductor from 2018
City Glasgow, United Kingdom
Country United Kingdom

The Royal Scottish National Orchestra is Scotland's national symphony orchestra. The orchestra has performed full-time since 1950, when it took the name Scottish National Orchestra. It was awarded royal patronage in 1977. It continued to use the name 'Scottish National Orchestra' until 1991 when it briefly used the title Royal Scottish Orchestra before changing to its present name. It is based in Glasgow and supported by the Scottish Government.

Formed in 1843 to accompany the Glasgow Choral Union (today known as the RSNO Chorus) and recognised formally in 1891 as the Scottish Orchestra. For four years from 1900-4, composer Gustav Holst served in the orchestra as a trombonist.

Its longest serving conductor was Sir Alexander Gibson under whose baton the orchestra became known for its interpretations of Scandinavian composers. This was consolidated in the tenure of Neeme Järvi, who also led the orchestra through its first complete Gustav Mahler cycle. The second Scot to lead the orchestra, Bryden Thomson, maintained the Nordic link with a cycle of Nielsen symphonies.

The orchestra had a long-standing recording contract with Chandos Records in the 1980s and 1990s which has recently been re-established. Today, it chiefly records for Naxos Records, most notably in a cycle of Anton Bruckner symphonies with the late Georg Tintner, cycles of Arnold Bax symphonies with David Lloyd-Jones, and several recordings of American works (including the complete orchestral works of Samuel Barber) conducted by Marin Alsop, who was the RSNO's principal guest conductor from 2000 to 2003.

The RSNO's music director from 2005-2012 was Stéphane Denève. In April 2007, his contract was initially extended through 2011, and in March 2010, further extended 1 year through the 2011–2012 season, after which time his tenure is scheduled to conclude.[11][12] In January 2011, the RSNO announced the appointment of Peter Oundjian as its next music director, as of the 2012–2013 season, with an initial contract of 4 years. Past principal guest conductors, in addition to Alsop, have included Garry Walker (2003–2007). In October 2011, Thomas Søndergård was named the RSNO's next principal guest conductor, as of the 2012–2013 season, with an initial contract of 3 years for 3 programmes per year. The RSNO's current assistant conductor is Jean-Claude Picard, since September 2013. Wikipedia