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Creation 1985
Participants Ralf Weikert - Conductor from 1985 to 1992
Franz Welser-Möst (Franz Leopold Maria Möst) - Conductor from 1995 to 2008
Daniele Gatti - Conductor from 2009 to 2012
Fabio Luisi - Conductor from 2012
City Zürich, Switzerland
Country Switzerland
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The history of Philharmonia Zurich is closely linked to that of Zurich's Tonhalle Orchestra. Opera has been performed in Zurich since 1834, at first in the Aktientheater at Untere Zäune, Zurich's first permanent theatre, until it burned to the ground on New Year's Eve 1890. Richard Wagner conducted in the Aktientheater in the early 1850s, including the first performance of The Flying Dutchman and of Tannhäuser. For his own productions he augmented the orchestra, on one occasion from 30 to 70 players. In 1851 Wagner wrote an essay entitled 'A Theatre in Zurich', in which he outlined his suggestions for the reform of Zurich's musical life, although at first none of them could be implemented. In 1853 he directed the first Wagner-Festspiele in the Aktientheater within the framework of the Allgemeine Musikgesellschaft (General Music Society) in Zurich. wikipedia