Their early recordings of Cantus gemellus by Dieter Acker and the fiercely demanding one-hour-long cycle for two violins (1951) by Allan Pettersson showed the true potentials of the violin duo, inspiring many composers to turn to this medium. Duo Gelland received over 200 dedications, among them duos by: Giorgio Netti, Bernd Franke, Samuel Adler, Hans-Joachim Hespos, Alexander Keuk, Madeleine Isaksson, Birgitte Alsted, Kerstin Jeppsson, Ingvar Karkoff, Maurice Karkoff, Olov Franzén, Gunnar Bucht, Carin Bartosch Edström, Rolf Martinsson, Erika Förare, Miklós Maros, Gerhard Samuel, Saman Samadi, Britta Byström, Johan Ramström, Paula af Malmborg Ward, Marie Samuelsson, Peter Schuback, Victoria Bond, Anders Hultqvist, Peter Lindroth, Max Käck, Cecilia Franke, Gunnar Valkare, Fredrik Hagstedt, Ole Lützow-Holm, Nikolaus Brass, Michael Fiday, Andreas F. Staffel, Simon Christensen, Justin Henry Rubin, Gunnar Valkare. wikipedia