The Musical Masterpiece Society (MMS) was a European-based subsidiary of Concert Hall Society founded in 1952. Like Concert Hall Society, MMS was distributed to subscribers, but unlike Concert Hall, subscribers did not have to commit to a fixed number of records. MMS initially focused on the standard classical repertoire, which, from a marketing perspective, made the label an attractive alternative for subscribers who wanted to build a new collection. A Musical Masterpiece disc often sold for 50% less than one of a premium label disc. MMS issued savings stamps to subscribers as part of its "Grammoclub." The Musical Masterpiece Society was originally named the Musical Masterwork Society. But after Columbia Records claimed use of the "Masterwork" tag, the Josefowitz brothers agreed in 1953 to switch to its present name. In the mid-1950s, MMS had offices in Amsterdam on Paulus Potterstraat and a branch office in Utrecht. The MMS brand disappeared from the market in the early-1960s. (Rondo DB)

Parent label Concert Hall Society
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Country Germany
Started 1952