The premiere of Don Juan took place on 11 November 1889 in Weimar, where Strauss served as Court Kapellmeister; he conducted the orchestra of the Weimar Opera. The work, composed when Strauss was only twenty-four years old, became an international success and established his reputation. In comments written two days after the premiere, Strauss said, "Well then – Don Juan had a great success, it sounded wonderful and went very well. It unleashed a storm of applause rather unusual for Weimar."[this quote needs a citation]

Date of composition 1889
Premiered 1889, November 11th in Weimar, Germany by Richard Strauss
Type Symphonic Poem
Tonality E Major
Catalogue TrV 156
Approx. duration 17 minutes
Instruments Orchestra
Autotranslations beta Richard Strauss: Don Juan en mi majeur, TrV 156
Richard Strauss: Don Juan in mi maggiore, TrV 156
Richard Strauss: Don Juan E-dur, TrV 156