The work's original title was Scherzo in D minor, and it was written for Hans von Bülow, who had appointed Strauss assistant conductor of the Meiningen Orchestra. However, von Bülow considered it a "complicated piece of nonsense" and refused to learn it. He said the piano part was "Lisztian" and "unplayable", particularly for a pianist with a small handspan (Strauss says that von Bülow could barely reach an octave). Strauss rehearsed the work with the Meiningen Orchestra, conducting and playing the solo part himself, but then set it aside. He wrote to von Bülow: "[G]iven an outstanding (!) pianist, and a first-rate (!) conductor, perhaps the whole thing will not turn out to be the unalloyed nonsense I took it for after the first rehearsal. After the first run-through, I was totally discouraged."

Date of composition 1886 (1885-1886)
Premiered 1890, June 21st in Eisenach, Germany
First published 1894
Tonality D Minor
Catalogue TrV 145
Approx. duration 20 minutes
Instruments Piano
Autotranslations beta Richard Strauss: Burleske en ré mineur, TrV 145
Richard Strauss: Burleske in re minore, TrV 145
Richard Strauss: Burleske d-moll, TrV 145