The Symphony No. 5 in B-flat major, Op. 55 (also known as The Heroic[citation needed]), was written by Alexander Glazunov from April to October 1895. Although in this symphony Glazunov returned to his conventional four-movement layout (his Fourth Symphony had only three) he frequently utilizes thematic transformation. Glazunov described it as "silenced sounds" and "an architectural poem".[citation needed]

Date of composition 1895 (From April to October 1895)
Premiered 1896, November 17th in Russia, Saint Petersburg by Alexander Konstantinovich Glazunov
First published 1896
Dedicated to Sergei Ivanovich Taneyev
Type Symphony
Tonality B-flat Major
Catalogue Op. 55
Approx. duration 35 minutes
Instruments Orchestra
Autotranslations beta Alexandre Glazounov: Symphonie n°5 en si bémol majeur, Op. 55
Aleksandr Konstantinovič Glazunov: Sinfonia n. 5 in si bemolle maggiore, Op. 55
Alexander Konstantinowitsch Glasunow: Sinfonie Nr. 5 B-dur, Op. 55