Russian composer Alfred Schnittke wrote his Symphony No. 2, subtitled "St. Florian" and "Invisible Mass" in 1979. It is a choral symphony, written for contralto, countertenor, tenor and bass, plus chorus and orchestra. The symphony was written in homage to 19th century Austrian composer and organist Anton Bruckner, who was closely associated with St. Florian's Priory in the town of Sankt Florian, Upper Austria, and who is buried under the organ there.

Date of composition 1979
Type Choral Symphony
Approx. duration 60 minutes
Instruments Orchestra
Voice (Bass)
Voice (Countertenor)
Voice (Tenor)
Voice (Contralto)
Autotranslations beta Alfred Schnittke: Symphony n°2 "St. Florian"
Al'fred Garrievič Šnitke: Symphony n. 2 "St. Florian"
Alfred Schnittke: Symphony Nr. 2 "St. Florian"