Athalia (HWV 52) is an English-language oratorio composed by George Frideric Handel to a libretto by Samuel Humphreys based on the play Athalie by Jean Racine. The work was commissioned in 1733 for the Publick Act in Oxford – a commencement ceremony of the local colleges, one of which had offered Handel an honorary doctorate (an honour he declined). The story is based on that of the Biblical queen Athaliah.

Librettist Jean Racine
Date of composition 1733
Premiered 1733, July 10th (Sheldonian Theatre) in Oxford, UK
Type Oratorio
Catalogue HWV 52
Spoken language English
Instruments Orchestra
Voice (Soprano) - Athalia, Baalite Queen of Judah and Daughter of Jezebel
Voice (Soprano) - Josabeth, Wife of Joad
Voice (Soprano) - boy soprano, Joas, King of Judah
Voice (Alto) - Joad, High Priest
Voice (Tenor) - Mathan, Priest of Baal, formerly a Jewish Priest
Voice (Bass) - Abner, Captain of the Jewish Forces
Chorus/Choir - Young Virgins, Israelites, Priests and Levites,Priests and Levites, Attendants, Sidonian Priests
Autotranslations beta Georg Friedrich Haendel: Athalia, HWV 52
Georg Friedrich Händel: Athalia, HWV 52
Georg Friedrich Händel: Athalia, HWV 52