Samson (HWV 57) is a three-act oratorio by George Frideric Handel, considered one of his finest dramatic works. It is usually performed as an oratorio in concert form, but on occasions has also been staged as an opera. The well-known arias "Let the bright Seraphim" (for soprano) and "Total eclipse" (for tenor) are often performed separately in concert.

Librettist Newburgh Hamilton (Based on John Milton's dramatic poem, Samson Agonistes)
Date of composition 1741
Premiered 1743, February 18th (Covent Garden) in London, UK
Type Oratorio
Catalogue HWV 57
Spoken language English
Instruments Orchestra
Voice (Tenor) - Samson
Voice (Soprano) - Dalila, Wife of Samson
Voice (Contralto) - Micah, Friend to Samson
Voice (Bass) - Manoah, Father to Samson
Voice (Bass) - Harapha, a Giant
Voice (Soprano) - Philistine Woman, Attendant to Dalila
Voice (Soprano) - Israelitish Woman
Voice (Tenor) - Philistine
Voice (Tenor) - Israelitish Man
Voice (Tenor) - Messenger
Chorus/Choir - Israelites, Philistines, Virgins
Autotranslations beta Georg Friedrich Haendel: Samson, HWV 57
Georg Friedrich Händel: Samson, HWV 57
Georg Friedrich Händel: Samson, HWV 57