Carl Maria von Weber's Concerto for Bassoon in F Major, Op. 75 (J. 127) was composed in 1811 for Munich court musician Georg Friedrich Brandt, and then revised in 1822. Primarily an opera conductor and composer, Weber had only arrived a few months earlier in Munich, where he was extremely well received. The concerto is one of two pieces written for bassoon by Weber, the other being Andante e Rondo Ungarese, Op. 35 (J. 158). A typical performance lasts 18–20 minutes.

Date of composition 1811 (revised in 1822)
Premiered 1821, June 25th in Berlin, Germany
First published 1824
Type Concerto
Tonality F Major
Catalogue J. 127
Approx. duration 17 minutes
Instruments Bassoon
Autotranslations beta Carl Maria von Weber: Concerto pour basson en fa majeur, J. 127
Carl Maria von Weber: Concerto per fagotto in fa maggiore, J. 127
Carl Maria von Weber: Konzert für Fagott F-dur, J. 127