The first performance took place on 10 May 1894 at the Grossherzogliches Hoftheater in Weimar. The soprano role of Freihild was sung by Pauline de Ahna, Strauss's future wife. Later performances conducted by Strauss included those in Munich on 16 November 1895 and in Prague on 9 October 1901. A performance in Frankfurt was given on 9 March 1910 conducted by Ludwig Rottenberg.

Librettist Richard Strauss
Date of composition 1893 (1888-1893; revised in 1840)
Premiered 1894, May 10th in Weimar, Germany by Richard Strauss
First published 1894
Type Opera
Catalogue TrV 168
Approx. duration 105 minutes
Spoken language German
Instruments Chorus/Choir
Voice (Bass) - The old Duke
Voice (Soprano) - Freihild, the Old Duke's daughter
Voice (Baritone) - Duke Robert, Freihild's husband
Voice (Tenor) - Guntram, singer
Voice (Bass) - Friedhold, singer
Voice (Tenor) - The Duke's jester
Voice (Contralto) - An old woman
Voice (Tenor) - An old man
Voice (Bass) - Two younger men
Voice (Bass) - Three vassals
Voice (Baritone) - A messenger
Autotranslations beta Richard Strauss: Guntram, TrV 168
Richard Strauss: Guntram, TrV 168
Richard Strauss: Guntram, TrV 168