Intermezzo, Op. 72, is an opera in two acts by Richard Strauss to his own German libretto, described as a Bürgerliche Komödie mit sinfonischen Zwischenspielen (bourgeois comedy with symphonic interludes). It premiered at the Dresden Semperoper on 4 November 1924, with sets that reproduced Strauss' home in Garmisch. The first Vienna performance was in January 1927.

Librettist Richard Strauss
Date of composition 1923 (1919-1923)
Premiered 1924, November 4th in Dresden, Germany
First published 1924
Type Opera
Catalogue TrV 246
Approx. duration 172 minutes
Spoken language German
Instruments Orchestra
Chorus/Choir - (all silent)
Voice (Soprano) - Christine Storch, Robert's wife
Voice (Baritone) - Robert Storch, a conductor and composer
Voice (Soprano) - Anna, the chambermaid of the Storches
Narrator, Recitant, Speaker - Franzl, their eight-year-old son
Voice (Tenor) - Baron Lummer
Voice (Baritone) - The notary
Voice (Soprano) - The notary's wife
Voice (Tenor) - Stroh, another conductor
Voice (Baritone) - A commercial counselor
Voice (Baritone) - A legal counsellor
Voice (Bass) - A singer
Narrator, Recitant, Speaker - Fanny, the Storch's cook'
Narrator, Recitant, Speaker - Marie and Therese, maids
Voice (Soprano) - Resi, a young girl
Autotranslations beta Richard Strauss: Intermezzo, TrV 246
Richard Strauss: Intermezzo, TrV 246
Richard Strauss: Intermezzo, TrV 246