Leonard Bernstein's Symphony No. 1 Jeremiah was composed in 1942. Jeremiah is a programmatic work, following the Biblical story of the prophet Jeremiah. It uses texts from the Book of Lamentations in the Hebrew Bible, sung by a mezzo-soprano. The work won the New York Music Critics' Circle Award for the best American work of 1944.

Tempo Allegro moderato
Date of composition 1942
Premiered 1944, January 28th (Syria Mosque) in Pittsburgh, PA, United States
Type Symphony
Approx. duration 26 minutes
Instruments Orchestra
Voice (Mezzo-Soprano)
Autotranslations beta Leonard Bernstein: Symphonie n°1 "Jeremiah"
Leonard Bernstein: Sinfonia n. 1 "Jeremiah"
Leonard Bernstein: Sinfonie Nr. 1 "Jeremiah"