Kaddish is Leonard Bernstein's third symphony. The 1963 symphony is a dramatic work written for a large orchestra, a full choir, a boys' choir, a soprano soloist and a narrator. The name of the piece, Kaddish, refers to the Jewish prayer that is chanted at every synagogue service for the dead but never mentions "death."

Date of composition 1963 (revised in 1977)
Premiered 1963, December 10th in Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
Dedicated to Dedicated to the memory of John F. Kennedy who was assassinated on November 22, 1963, just weeks before the first performance of the symphony
Type Symphony
Approx. duration 54 minutes
Instruments Orchestra
Male Chorus
Boys Chorus
Narrator, Recitant, Speaker
Voice (Soprano)
Autotranslations beta Leonard Bernstein: Symphonie n°3 "Kaddish"
Leonard Bernstein: Sinfonia n. 3 "Kaddish"
Leonard Bernstein: Sinfonie Nr. 3 "Kaddish"