Halil is a work for flute and chamber orchestra composed by Leonard Bernstein composed in 1981. The work is sixteen minutes in length. Bernstein composed Halil in honor of a young Israeli flutist Yadin Tanenbaum who was killed at the Suez Canal during the 1973 Yom Kippur war. The work was premiered at the Sultan’s Pool in Jerusalem on May 27, 1981 with Jean-Pierre Rampal as the soloist and Bernstein conducting the Israel Philharmonic. The American premiere took place at Tanglewood on July 4, 1981 with Doriot Anthony Dwyer as the soloist and members of the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

Date of composition 1981
Type Nocturne
Approx. duration 17 minutes
Instruments Flute - Solo ;
Piccolo (Ottavino)
Alto Flute
Autotranslations beta Leonard Bernstein: Halil
Leonard Bernstein: Halil
Leonard Bernstein: Halil