The Violin Concerto (Op. 36) by Arnold Schoenberg dates from Schoenberg's time in the United States, where he had moved in 1933 to escape the Nazis. The piece was written in 1936, the same year as the String Quartet No. 4. At the time of its completion, Schoenberg was living in Brentwood, California, and had just accepted a teaching position at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Date of composition 1936 (1934-1936)
Premiered 1940, December 6th in Philadelphia, PA, United States
First published December 1939 in New York by Schirmer
Dedicated to Anton Webern
Type Concerto
Tonality Twelve-tone
Catalogue Op. 36
Approx. duration 30 minutes
Instruments Violin
Autotranslations beta Arnold Schönberg: Concerto pour violon, Op. 36
Arnold Schönberg: Concerto per violino, Op. 36
Arnold Schönberg: Konzert für Violine, Op. 36