Bruckner entered it for a competition at the first Oberösterreichisches Sängerbundesfest, scheduled for August 1864 in Linz. Bruckner's original intention was to use the Zigeuner-Waldlied, a lost work (WAB 135), as basis for this entry, but after correspondence with Silberstein and his close friend Rudolf Weinwurm, Bruckner replaced it with the patriotic poem of the Viennese poet and journalist August Silberstein.

Librettist August Silberstein
Date of composition 1864 (1863-1864) in Linz, Austria
Premiered 1865, June 5th in Linz, Austria
First published 1865
Type Cantata
Tonality D Minor
Catalogue WAB 70
Approx. duration 8 minutes
Instruments Male Chorus
4x Voice - Male voices ;
4x Cornetto
4x Trumpet
3x Trombone
3x Horn
Baritone Horn
Bass Tuba
Autotranslations beta Anton Bruckner: Germanenzug en ré mineur, WAB 70
Anton Bruckner: Germanenzug in re minore, WAB 70
Anton Bruckner: Germanenzug d-moll, WAB 70