Sinfonia (Symphony) is a composition by the Italian composer Luciano Berio which was commissioned by the New York Philharmonic for its 125th anniversary. Composed in 1968–69 for orchestra and eight amplified voices, it is a musically innovative post-serial classical work, with multiple vocalists commenting about musical (and other) topics as the piece twists and turns through a seemingly neurotic journey of quotations and dissonant passages. The eight voices are not used in a traditional classical way; they frequently do not sing at all, but speak, whisper and shout words by Claude Lévi-Strauss, whose Le cru et le cuit provides much of the text, excerpts from Samuel Beckett's novel The Unnamable, instructions from the scores of Gustav Mahler and other writings.

Librettist Samuel Beckett; Luciano Berio; Claude Lévi-Strauss
Date of composition 1968
Premiered 1968, October 10th in New York, NY, United States
First published Universal Edition
Dedicated to Leonard Bernstein
Type Symphony
Approx. duration 35 minutes
Instruments 8x Voice - Solo voices ;
Concert Band / Wind Orchestra / Wind Ensemble
Autotranslations beta Luciano Berio: Sinfonia
Luciano Berio: Sinfonia
Luciano Berio: Sinfonia