The sonatas and partitas for solo violin (BWV 1001–1006) are a set of six works composed by Johann Sebastian Bach. They are sometimes referred to in English as the sonatas and partias for solo violin in accordance with Bach's headings in the autograph manuscript: "Partia" (plural "Partien") was commonly used in German-speaking regions during Bach's time, whereas the Italian "partita" was introduced to this set in the 1879 Bach Gesellschaft edition, having become standard by that time. [page needed] The set consists of three sonatas da chiesa in four movements and three partitas (or partias) in dance-form movements.

Date of composition 1720 (1708-1720, unsure) in Köthen (Anhalt), Germany
First published 1802 in Bonn, Germany
Type Sonata
Tonality A Minor
Catalogue BWV 1003
Approx. duration 21 minutes
Instruments Piccolo Violin
Arrangements Johann Sebastian Bach: Sonata in D minor, BWV 964
Autotranslations beta Jean-Sébastien Bach: Sonate pour violon n°2 en la mineur, BWV 1003
Johann Sebastian Bach: Sonata per violino n. 2 in la minore, BWV 1003
Johann Sebastian Bach: Sonate Nr. 2 für Violine a-moll, BWV 1003