The Double Concerto was Brahms' final work for orchestra. It was composed in the summer of 1887, and first performed on 18 October of that year in the Gürzenich in Köln, Germany. Brahms approached the project with anxiety over writing for instruments that were not his own. He wrote it for the cellist Robert Hausmann, a frequent chamber music collaborator, and his old but estranged friend, the violinist Joseph Joachim. The concerto was, in part, a gesture of reconciliation towards Joachim, after their long friendship had ruptured following Joachim's divorce from his wife Amalie. (Brahms had sided with Amalie in the dispute.)

Date of composition 1887
Premiered 1887, October 18th in Cologne, Germany
First published 1888, N.Simrock in Berlin, Germany
Type Concerto
Tonality A Minor
Catalogue Op. 102
Approx. duration 33 minutes
Instruments Violin
Autotranslations beta Johannes Brahms: Double Concerto en la mineur, Op. 102
Johannes Brahms: Double Concerto in la minore, Op. 102
Johannes Brahms: Double Concerto a-moll, Op. 102