Henryk Melcer-Szczawiński (1869 – 1928) was a Polish composer, pianist, conductor, and teacher. His works include two piano concertos, one in E minor (1892-4) and one in C minor (1898); a violin sonata (1907),and a piano trio in G minor (probably written 1892-4); a tragedy "Protesilas i Laodamia" (1902, libretto by S. Wyspiański), and a Symphony in C minor. Delightful composition with interesting ideas such as the shifted rhythm of the main melody, chromatic moving basses, largely spread apart ("fanned") chords, and mellow harmonies. The piece reminded me a bit of the compositions of Dianov. It is not so easy to play, I'd like to hear a professional recording of this... I almost dare say it has etude character, because one really needs control of the melodic lines within the hands ( which i at least tried to show).

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